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  • Differences of Huayun hose pump from others
    • Oct , 30 2020
    Differences of Huayun hose pump from others

    More Compact Structure In modern automated production lines, the pipeline system usually is very complex, therefore the occupied volume and land for single equipment of the lines is very limited.Unlike most hose pumps using horizontal planetary cycloid reducer in the market, our IHPG series mining peristaltic pump creatively used high-performance vertical transmission gear reducer, meanwhile the p...

  • Wall paint functions
    • Oct , 12 2020
    Wall paint functions

    Paint functions are different. Paint are mainly used for decoration and protection of wall.Huayun wall paint manufacturing equipment can be used for produce various water-base, oil-base with different colors. paint function-paint application-paint role Various special paint for special purposes also have good properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, rust resistance,camouflage, insula...

  • How to produce wall paint
    • Jul , 21 2020
    How to produce wall paint

    Complete water based paint production line normally used for produce interior and exterior wall paint.  Interior wall paint is the latex paint used for general decoration. Latex paint is emulsion paint, according to the different substrates, is divided into polyvinyl acetate emulsion and acrylic emulsion two categories. Latex paint with water as a diluent, i...

  • sales and technical trainings for Huayun high shear mixers
    • Jun , 05 2020
    sales and technical trainings for Huayun high shear mixers

    Year of 2020 is a tough year for business due to pandemic COVID-19. In order to offset the impact of depressed economy,  our factory hold lots of sales trainings for our high speed disperser, horizontal bead mill,etc.The training makes our staff much more professional for our products,which bring more opportunities and discovers more applications. Our company have been trying our best to trai...

  • How to Manufacture Cloud Emulsions for Soft Drinks
    • Apr , 17 2020
    How to Manufacture Cloud Emulsions for Soft Drinks

    Clouding agents are normally used in soft drink manufacturing giving more natural appearance and flavour for different kinds of drink.   Clouding agents are normally treated as emulsions or additives.The Clouding agents is obtained from fractions of oils with as neutral a flavor as possible. Citrus oils are the most widely used; The clouding agent, stabilizer, dendifying agents...

  • How to choose supplier of paint production line
    • Feb , 26 2020
    How to choose supplier of paint production line

    When you decide to purchase water paint complete production making equipment,maybe you will compare different suppliers.Now it is easy for you to browse information of suppliers on internet.But how to know the real advantages of one supplier?Maybe it is not enough just through internet.It is better to visit the factory first and then make decision. Who can help you design the white wall paint maki...

  • How to choose peristaltic hose pump
    • Feb , 26 2020
    How to choose peristaltic hose pump

    Brief introduction of Huayun high quality peristaltic hose pump: Huayun began to produce peristaltic pump from 1995 with a small workshop. Year 2013, Huayun owns a 20000 sqm workshop. Year 2015, China technical commitee of positive displacement pump authorized Huayun to make the industry standard of peristaltic pump , you may check online the standard No.JB/T12753-2015 Year 2017, we launched the l...

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